O. P. INGLE (Charleston, USA). The problem of the crisis of patriarchal rule in the epic

The problem of the crisis of patriarchal rule in the epic “Mastorava”

Ingle Oksana P.,
Candidate Sc. {Philology}, teacher of Russian Language and Literature, University of Charleston (Charleston, USA), oksana.ingle@gmail.com

The article discusses the author’s version of the escalation of the crisis of patriarchal rule which is represented by the Erzyas’s fight against their external enemies in the chapter “The Age of Enemies” in the epic “Mastorava” and the resolution of this crisis by the Moscow Kingdom annexing the Mordovian lands.

Keywords: “Mastorava; Mordovian heroic epic; The Age of Enemies; Tyushtya; Kilyava; Narchatka; Arsa; Kastusha

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