I. V. Pyanzina (Saransk, Russia). Artistic world of critical and publicist works by M. I. Malkina

Artistic world of critical and publicist works by M. I. Malkina

Candidate Sc. (Philology), associate Professor, Department of Journalism, Ogarev Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russia), inn-pyanzina@yandex.ru

Introduction. The article analyzes the critical and journalistic work of the brightest representative of the modern literary school of the Republic of Mordovia – M. I. Malkina. The object of research is the analytical articles of the reviewer as an original aesthetic phenomenon in the national-cultural discourse of Mordovia. The subject of the study is the genre features of the critical and publicist work by M.I. Malkina. The goal is to comprehend the ideological, aesthetic and stylistic identity of the analytical works by M. I. Malkina, the determination of their value ad actual meaning, the significance of the works for the critical thought of Mordovia, and the modern literary process as a whole.
Materials and Мethods. The academic validity of the results is achieved both by traditional research methods (comparative, typological, etc.), by modern humanitarian approaches (contextual, cultural, etc.) and the empirical basis of the research, compiled with the help of a representative selection of the source material and its subsequent interpretation; correlation of author’s theses with universally recognized academic positions and conclusions in the field of the theory of literature, taking into account the specific features of critical and journalistic texts.
Results and Discussion. The evolution of M.I. Malkina’s critical works testifies her high journalistic skills. It can be illustrated by her critical articles, and the reviews. The works by M.I. Malkina embody the depth and maturity of the views of the critic, and the richness of the Mordovian language. Along with the research focus of her articles, the analysis of current historical, cultural and educational issues, a great attention is paid to emotional and figurative assessments of the analyzed phenomena that accurately reflect the subjective opinion of the publicist.
Сonclusion. Critical and journalistic works by M. I. Malkina are an integral part of the literary process and critical thought of the Republic of Mordovia, and Mordovian literature in general. Being a moderator between an author and a reader, the critic offers her own vision of the works of art in her critical reviews and articles. Critical creativity by M. I. Malkina is distinguished by a combination of journalistic, research artistic, stylistic and compositional originality of the presentation.

Key words: literary studies; literary criticism; genre; literary process; poetry; publicism.

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