S. A. Tambi (Moscow, Russia). Estonians on the Vasilyevsky Island Of Saint Petersburg

DOI: 10.15507/2076-2577.011.2019.01.061-072

Estonians on the Vasilyevsky Island Of Saint Petersburg

Sergei A. Tambi,
Post-Graduate student (MA),
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
(Moscow, Russia), sergey.tambi@gmail.com

The subject of the article is the analyzes of the life of Estonians, who came from the Estland and Lifland provinces in the eastern direction to the Vasilyevsky Island of St. Petersburg, the birthplace of the Estonian community of the city. The object of the study is the the life of Estonian immigrants who came to this place in search of a better life for themselves and their descendants. The aim of the study is to reveal Lutheran parishes of the Vasilyevsky Island, attended by the Estonians; describe the founding and work of local Estonian organizations, as well as cultural and educational institutions. The author tells about the events held by the Estonians living on the Vasilyevsky Island; Estonian shops and educational institutions. Practical significance of the paper lies in the fact that the it reveals the specific features of the cultural life and traditions of the local Estonian community of the Vasilyevsky Island of St. Petersburg. The author also tells about the famous Estonians who were born, worked, lived or served on the Vasilyevsky Island, and their contribution to the development of science and culture of St. Petersburg, Russia and Estonia.
The main methods used in the study are the generalization, the system approach, the historical-descriptive method, the analysis of the documents, and empirical description. Numerous articles from Estonian newspapers and magazines have been used to reconstruct the features of the life of the Estonians on the Vasilyevsky Island.
The author shows how Estonian community of St. Petersburg emerged and developed on the Vasilyevsky Island. It showed Estonian organizations of the island, as well as cultural and academic staff of Estonian origin, whose life was closely connected with the Vasilyevsky Island. Living on the island, the Estonians represented a united and unique community inhabiting the Vasilyevsky Island. At the same time, their community was not isolated and it established a wide network with the Estonians in other districts of St. Petersburg. Due to natural assimilation and migration, the Estonians are represented on the Vasilyevsky Island in a rather poor number at the present time.
The Estonians lived on the Vasilyevsky Island made the significant contribution to the development of culture and science of St. Petersburg, as a multinational city, hosting Russians, Ingrian Finns, Tatars and the representatives of other nations since its construction. The phenomenon of the Estonians of the Vasilyevsky Island is unique and interesting for further research.

Key words: Estonians on the Vasilyevsky Island; Vasilyevsky Island; Saint Petersburg; Estonia; migration; colonists; eestlased Vassili saarel.

For citation: Tambi SA. Estonians on the Vasilyevsky Island Of Saint Petersburg. Finno-ugorskii mir = Finno-Ugric World. 2019; 1: 61–72. (In Russian)

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