T. V. Pashkova (Petrozavodsk, Russia). The names of some mythogical diseases according to the Karelian language

The names of some mythogical diseases according to the Karelian language

Pashkova Tatiana V.,
Candidate Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor, Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology, Petrozavodsk State University (Petrozavodsk, Russia), tvp-1979@mail.ru

Introduction. The subject of the article is related to folk medicine of the Karelians. Studying the rituals of diagnosing the sources of the disease and medical rituals, we paid attention to the actual names of the diseases and their etymology, since many names include the information about the cause of the illness and the way of its treatment. The purpose of the article is to study the names of mythological diseases in the dialects of the Karelian language. The subject of the study is the names of diseases in the Karelian language. Earlier, some researchers (K. Astedt, T. Vuorela, etc.) touched upon the nomination of mythological diseases in the Baltic-Finnish languages, but they did not researched the Karelian names. The presented material is relevant, since for the first time the names of diseases are considered in the mythological representations of the Karelians.
Materials and Methods. The solution of the tasks was carried out using comparative, comparative-historical and ethnolinguistic methods. We have presented dialect variants of national names of diseases in the Karelian language, as well as correspondences in the Baltic-Finnic and Finno-Ugric languages, which allowed us to draw conclusions of a comparatively historical nature. When determining the origin of a lexeme, data from unrelated languages were taken into account. The material was published in Russian, Karelian and Finnish languages, as well as field materials collected by the author in the regions of the Republic of Karelia.
Results and Discussion. In the course of the study, the collected vocabulary (names of diseases) was considered from the point of view of word-formation analysis (deverbal / denominal names), etymology, and semantics. In addition, we considered the information about Karelian folk medicine, which could indicate the possible origin of the name.
Conclusion. As a result of the study, the lexemes that were used in the dialects of the Karelian, Livvik and Lyubikovo dialects to denote mythological diseases were identified. The collected names are formed from verbs and nouns by attaching suffixes (most often the suffix -hine / -hini). A number of lexemes have a primordially Baltic-Finnish origin or are Slavic borrowings.

Key words: vocabulary; Karelian language; ethnolinguistics; beliefs of Karelia; the Karelian folk medicine; nomination.

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