Contents (2018, 4)


N. V. Belenov (Samara, Russia). Geographical vocabulary of the Tornovsky dialect of the Moksha-Mordovian language

N. S. Bratchikova (Moscow, Russia). Old Finnish language and written Finnish literature in 1560–1640

N. N. Glukhova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Types of space in Mari verbal charms

A. D. Kaksin (Abakan, Russia). On the system of modals: particles and nominals (on the Kazymsky dialect of the Khanty language)


F. G. Safin, S. S. Alekseenko, A. I. Khaliullina (Ufa, Russia). National mass media as markers of ethnolinguistic identity of Finno-Ugric peoples in Bashkortostan

O. I. Kulagin (Petrozavodsk, Russia). The role of timber industry in the development of the Finno-Ugric regions of Russia in the second half of the XX century: historiographic aspect


E. M. Gavina, M. A. Zhulina, L. V. Sotova, M. I. Firstov (Saransk, Russia). Tour itinerary “The Call of  Torama” for the development of ethnic tourism in the Republic of Mordovia

T. V. Klimkina (Saransk, Russia). The Modern Religious architecture and monumental painting: synthesis (on the example of Russia and the Republic of Mordovia)

A. N. Pavlova (Ioshkar-Ola, Russia). Shaman elements in the Mari costume

K. M. Romanov (Saransk, Russia). Representation of a himan as a subject and personality in the culture of Finno-Ugric peoples


N. V. Gorinova (Syktyvkar, Russia). Nebdinsa Vittor again on stage

V. I. Rogachev, A. S. Luzgin (Saransk, Russia). Land of ancestors

V. K. Abramov (Saransk, Russia). Finno-ugric conference in Estonia


Index – 2018

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