Contents (2021, 2)

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F. M. Lelkhova. Principles of plant nomination in the Khanty language

N. N. Timerkhanova. Syntactic structure of absolute construction and the connection between its main components in the Udmurt language


Ye. V. Karakin, T. V. Pashkova. Entomological images in Karelian beliefs

A.  A.  Antipova, E. N. Kasarkina. Mechanisms of support for single-parent families in the sociocultural conditions in cities and villages in Mordovia

G. L. Ponosov, P. S. Dmitriyev, T. N. Lyssakova, A. M. Nosonov, J. A. Wendt. Finno-Ugric peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan: dynamics of the population, distribution, migration processes


M. V. Loginova. Ethno-aesthetics in the system ethnic culture: theoretical and methodological aspect

I. A. Sazykina, I. L. Sirotina. Updating traditional ethnic symbols in the design of a modern Finno‑Ugric costume


V. N. Maksimov. Zinaida Filippovna Bartzeva – 110

N. I. Boyarkin. Nikolay Mokshin. The edges of creativity. To the 85th birthday anniversary

A. M. Sharonov. Andrey Gagaev: Finno-Ugric and Russian cosmo-psycho-logos

L. V. Kalachina. Creative search of P. D. Minichkin, an artist and a teacher: “Woman: the echo of allusions”

A. B. Tanaseichuk. Filling the gaps

S. K. Svechnikov. Gift for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Mary El

R. I. Chuzaev. Mari course book as a phenomenon of national culture

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