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V. P. Grishunina, N. I. Yershova. Phraseological synonyms in Russian and Moksha subdialects of Mordovia

L. P. Vodyasova. Ways to quantify of abstract nouns in the modern Erzya language

N. V. Kondratieva, B. Oszkó. Features of artistic bilingualism in modern Udmurt literature (based on the poetry by B. Anfinogenov)

D. V. Tsygankin, N. A. Agafonova, I. N. Ryabov. Archaic and innovative phenomena in the case paradigms of the Erzya dialects in the Volga region and the Southern Urals


A. L. Bannikov. Finno-Ugric elements in the art of the early nomads of the Southern Urals

A. K. Gagieva. The system of county administration in the Komi Region at the end of the XVII – first half of the XVIII century

A. A. Pesetskaya. Mari сlothing in the funeral and memorial rituals (late XIX – early XX century)


E. M. Kolcheva. 100 years of the Mari fine arts: ethnographic realism (1920–1930)

T. A. Shigurova. Fabric semantics as a basis of Mordovian embroidery


V. N. Maksimov. Arkady Evdokimovich Ivanov – 90

N. M. Mosina. To the anniversary of Oleg Arsentievich Sergeev

N. I. Voronina, I. L. Sirotina. Bird-river by erzyanka L. D. Levina

V. I. Rogachev, S. N. Stepin. Letters of the ancestors

G. A. Kornishina. Musical and folklore traditions of the Mordovian population in Siberia

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