Contents (2021, 4)

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T. P. Ariskina. Compound adjectives in the Erzya and Hungarian languages

K. G. Kostina. Functioning of the verb’s reflexive voice in the modern Udmurt language


N. N. Bushmeleva, L. L. Shubin. Medical assistance, maternal and child welfare service of the Udmurt ASSR during the post-war period (1945–1950)

O. P. Ilyukha. Female everyday life in letters by a Karelian peasant woman of the early XX century

T. G. Minniyakhmetova, R. R. Sadikov. Dishes and utensils used in sacrificial rites of the Trans-Kama Udmurts (functional and symbolic meaning)


N. V. Gorinova. Theatrical and dramatic work of Oleg Ulyashev

T. V. Voldina. “Ritual” mushrooms in the traditional culture of the Ob Ugrians

E. N. Lomshina, O. S. Safonkina, E. N. Antipkina. Study of ethnocultural values in the Finno-Ugric regions: dominants of Finno-Ugric culture and ways of their actualization in modern society


A. F. Myshkina. A new word in Mari literary science

J. V. Normanskaya. The new academic Russian-Udmurt dictionary is an important milestone in Finno-Ugric linguistics

A. A. Yamashkin. For students about ethnological practice

G. E. Shkalina. Sociocultural dynamics of identity of modern youth

O. I. Naldeeva, V. I. Rogachev, M. M. Akashkin. The tops are strong by roots… (to the 85th anniversary from the birth of V. M. Vanyushev)

S. Maticsák, N. V. Kazaeva. To the anniversary of László Keresztes

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