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O. N. Bazhenova. Lexical means of expressing emotivity and evaluation in theprose by Gennady Yushkov

N. S. Bratchikova. Onomatopoeias in a graphic novel and the ways of their rendering from Finnish into Russian (on the material of comics “Kalevala” by S. Makkonen)

A. Yu. Maslova, T. I. Mochalova, M. Z. Levina. Representation of the morbid state of a person in the phraseology of Russian and Mordovian dialects on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia

A. N. Rakin. Nomination of a hunting object in the Komi language

N. N. Timerkhanova. Еxpression of conditionality in compound sentences of the Udmurt language (semantic and structural features)


A. M. Matsuk. Vocational education institutions of the sphere of education and culture in the European North of Russia in the 1950s – 1980s


L. A. Molchanova. “Wood” symbolism in the decoration of the Udmurt costume: origins, existence, meaning

A. A. Osmushina. A person and the world in a Mordovian folk tale (in comparison with folktales of other ethnic cultures)


A. G. Burnaev. Ontogenesis of Mordovian dance: festival “Yondolnya” in Saransk

V. N. Maksimov. Mikhail Ivanovich Il’in – 70

V. I. Rogachev, S. N. Stepin. Research and teaching activities of G. I. Gorbunov (Finno-Ugric projections)

E. N. Mukhina. The last love of  K. G. Mannerheim

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