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N. S. Bratchikova. “Language nests”: the rebirth of the language (on the example of the Inari-Sami and Karelian languages)

E. N. Fedoseeva. The correlation of the Komi-Permian and Komi-Zyryan elements in the vocabulary of the Upper-Kama idiom


E. A. Dzhioshvili, A. F. Krivonozhenko, Yu. V. Litvin, S. E. Yalovitsyna. Transformations of the identities of the inhabitants in Karelian Arctic Region (based on the research of the Loukhsky district)

E. N. Mokshina, D. A. Smolin, K. A. Suslov. Some aspects of national-state building among
the Finno-Ugric peoples in the USSR

A. M. Matsuk. Mid-level specialists in the Finno-Ugric Republics of the RSFSR in the second half of the 1950s – early 1960s

T. I. Chudova. Transformation of the composition “köch gösnech” / “köch göstinech” of Komi (Zyryan) in the XX–XXI centuries


A. K. Idiatullov. Ethnic and confessional culture of Mordovian students (based on the materials of the Internet survey)

I. A. Pakshina, E. N. Maskaeva. Lexical and symbolic representation of the image of modern Mordovia by the population of the Republic

N. V. Tkachuk. Regional practices and mechanisms of the support of ethnic identity of the indigenous peoples of Yugra


V. K. Abramov. Another book about Mordovian people

V. M. Vanyshev, V. I. Rogachev. “You are my love, my jealousy…”. To the 85th anniversary of E. E. Zagrebin

N. V. Karabanova, O. A. Romanenkova. Living memory of generations

A. F. Myshkina. Mari philology at the vanguard of research of Volga region

E. N. Lomshina. Media forum “Multinational Mordovia: cross-cultural dialogue”

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