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M. P. Bezenova. Phonetic and morphological characteristics of handwritten translation of the Gospel of Luke into the Udmurt language

N. S. Bratchikova. Features of the language and the substyle of popular science literature: not serious about serious (based on the material of the Finnish language)

I. P. Novak. Dialectal specification of Karelian material of P. S. Pallas’s dictionary


O. V. Bakhlova, I. V. Bakhlov. Dynamics of the normative foundations and institutional mechanisms of the policy of patriotic education in the subjects of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Finno-Ugric Republics of the Volga Federal District)

E. N. Mokshina, M. I. Svyatkin, D. А. Smolin, K. A. Suslov. From the history of the Erzya-Mordovian village of Kuraevo of the Tengushevsky district of the Republic of Mordovia (socio-economic, ethnopolitical, demographic aspects)

A. K. Gagieva. Monetary taxes and fees of the peasants of the Komi region in the XVIII century


N. A. Rakin. Finnish printed periodical media about V. I. Lytkin

A. N. Pavlova. The portrayal of the world in the process of decorating a costume among the Mari people


T. A. Dyatlova. Finno-Ugric direction towards creative economy

A. E. Kvashneva, M. S. Fedina, S. A. Tkachev. Finno-Ugric studies at universities affiliated with the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities

G. A. Nekrasova. To be a scholar was his calling

F. Ya. Khabibullina, I. G. Ivanova. Mari-Turkic language contacts in the works of Nikolai Isanbaev, an outstanding Mari linguist (1929–2020)

A. M. Sharonov. The non-academic “Academic version” of the epos

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