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T. P. Ariskina, A. I. Fomina (Saransk, Russia). The system of kinship terminology in the Erzya and Hungarian languages (based on the epic “Mastorava” / “Masztorava”)

N. A. Agafonova (Saransk, Russia). “Mordovia ethnographic collection” by A. A. Shakhmatov as a source to study Erzya dialects

N. S. Bratchikova (Moscow, Russia). Love lyrics in Finnish literature: from origins to the early XX century

E. V. Guseva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Linguistic and stylistic features of male and female portraits in a work of art

N. N. Levina (Saransk, Russia). Landscape as a universal component in the narrative art (on the example of a Mordovian story)

M. S. Mamontova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). The regional literary awards and contests in the context of the conservation of traditions of book culture

T. V. Pashkova (Petrozavodsk, Russia). Names, classification and social portrait of the sorcerer in the Karelian environment

M. V. Pekshieva (Petrozavodsk, Russia). Nature of Finland in “Salamander” by V. F. Odoevsky

O. A. Teush (Ekaterinburg, Russia). New material on the Komi borrowing in the dialects of the Russian North (Lensky district of Arkhangelsk region)

T. V. Yantsukova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Phraseology consistency in Western Mari language


A. G. Vlasov (St. Petersburg, Russia). St. Petersburg Estonian Temperance Society “Ustavus”. Preservation of traditional culture, the fight against alcoholism, or association of the Social-Democrats?

O. B. Kevbrina, T. V. Kleimenova, N. V. Nesterova, A. A. Tarasov (Saransk, Russia). Crafts and trade cooperation of Mordovia peasantry at the end of XIX – beginning of XX century

G. A. Kornishina, O. N. Pyanzina (Saransk, Russia). Festivals and rituals of the Finno-Ugric peoples of the Volga-Ural region for the beginning and the end of the sowing


G. M. Ageeva, E. N. Antipkina, T. N. Sidorkina (Saransk, Russia). The role of the visual arts in promoting the culture of Finno-Ugric peoples

Z. I. Akimova (Saransk, Russia). Wedding ceremonies of the Mordovians of Moscow region: transformation under the conditions of a metropolis

A. V. Berezina (Ekaterinburg, Russia). Process of the leveling of values – the reason for weakening of ethnic identity

I. V. Klyueva (Saransk, Russia). Ethnic and esthetics of Mordovians as a basis for the works of  S. D. Erzia

A. V. Kylasov (Moscow, Russia). Comparison of athletic component of traditional games in Ugra and Yakutia

K. M. Romanov, D. K. Romanov (Saransk, Russia). Images of manipulation subjects and their victims in the Mordovian folk tales


Yu. N. Sushkova, E. N. Mokshina (Saransk, Russia). Life in science: 80th anniversary of N. F. Mokshin

L. B. Boyarkina (Saransk, Russia).  At the origins of music education for children in Mordovia: to the 100th anniversary of  V. V. Kiushkina

S. P. Gudkova (Saransk, Russia). «Chronicals of a poet’s soul»

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