A. A. Tarasov, T. P. Zhutkina, M. E. Prokina (Saransk, Russia). Experience of social transformation of Mordovia village within the last fifty year

Experience of social transformation of Mordovia village within the last fifty year

Tarasov Alexander A.,
Candidate Sc. {History}, Docent, Chair of the Humanities, Saransk Cooperative Institute (Branch) of Russian University of Cooperation (Saransk, Russia), a.a.tarasov@rucoop.ru

Zhutkina Tatiana P.,
Candidate Sc. {History}, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Foreign Languages, Saransk Cooperative Institute (Branch) of Russian University of Cooperation (Saransk, Russia), t.p.zhutkina@rucoop.ru.

Prokina Margarita E.,
Teacher of History and Social Studies, Municipal Educational Institution “Secondary School Number 32 with In-Depth Study оf Specific Subjects” (Saransk, Russia),

It reviews and summarizes historical experience of the Republic of Mordovia in development and improvement of social sphere of a village at the period of the last fifty years. It demonstrates the focus on qualitative changes in that have taken place in housing and household sectors, welfare, educational and cultural levels of the inhabitants of villages in the region. It emphasizes the attention on the problem of “unpromising” villages of Mordovia, the formation of a negative evaluation of the rural way of life.

Keywords: village modernization; social services in rural areas; rural settlements of the Republic of Mordovia; “promising” and “unpromising” settlements; attractiveness of rural way of life; agricultural towns.

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