Contents (2019, 3)


M. P. Bezenova (Moscow, Izhevsk, Russia). Morphological features of the translation of the «God’s Law» (1912) into the Udmurt language

L. P. Vodyasova (Saransk, Russia). Structural correlation and expression of chain connection in complex syntactic whole (based on the works by K. G. Abramov)

A. N. Rakin (Syktyvkar, Russia). Hydro-landscape vocabulary of the Udmurt language

N. I. Guliaeva (Syktyvkar, Russia). Communicemas with negative emotional evaluation in the Komi language

M. V. Mosin, N. M. Mosina (Saransk, Russia). De-etymologisation as one of the varieties of change of the word morphological structure in the Mordovian languages

E. A. Tsypanov, G. A. Lisovskaya (Syktyvkar, Russia). Linguistic means of expressing comic in the works by Victor Savin


I. V. Bakhlov, O. V. Bakhlova (Saransk, Russia). Implementation of the state national policy of the Russian Federation in the Finno-Ugric Republics, the subjects of the Russian Federation: evolution of approaches and practices (2000–2018)

A. M. Matsuk (Syktyvkar, Russia). The teaching staff of secondary specialized educational institutions of the Komi ASSR in the 1950s–1980s: characteristics, dynamics of the number


M. A. Zhulinа, L. A. Zaitseva, S. V. Saraikina, L. V. Sotova (Saransk, Russia). Comparative analysis of tourism potential of the Finno-Ugric republics: Mordovia and Mari El

S. G. Ushkin, V. V. Kozin, V. V. Frantsuzov (Saransk, Russia). Daily socio-cultural practices of inter-national interaction of population in multi-ethnic region


V. N. Maksimov, O. A. Sergeev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Ivan Semenovich Ivanov – 85

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