Contents (2020, 1)


F. M. Lelkhova (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia). Nominations of berries in the dialects of the Khanty language

N. M. Mosina, Yu. S. Paksyutkina (Saransk, Russia). Semantics of verbs of auditory perception in the Erzia and Finnish languages

A. N. Rakin (Syktyvkar, Russia). Forest landscape nomination in the Komi-Permyatsky language


A. N. Demidov (Samara, Russia). The “Edelevsky” list of the “protective memory” of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich to the Mordovian Princes and Murzes in 1572

I. G. Napalkova, K. V. Kurochkina (Saransk, Russia). Historical and modern personality
and image as an element of symbolic ethno-national capital of the Republic of Mordovia

B. I. Chibisov (Tver, Russia). The ethnic composition of the population of Prinevye area and the Southern Ladoga area at the end of the XV century

R. I. Chuzaev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). The legitimization of the endo-ethnonym “Mari” in the first quarter of the XX century


E. N. Antipkina, O. N. Prokaeva (Saransk, Russia). Features of pre-scenography functioning in the ceremonial, ritual festive events of the Mordovians

S. V. Saraikina, L. V. Sotova (Saransk, Russia). Finno-Ugric areas of Russia in tourist


A. S. Luzgin (Saransk, Russia). Mordovian people: the problem of national-cultural identity of the diaspora in Russia

S. P. Gudkova (Saransk, Russia). The image of Erzia Land in the poetic view of A. M. Sharonov

V. N. Maksimov (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Natalya N. Glukhova is celebrating her 65th anniversary

V. I. Rogachev, N. I. Shvechkova (Saransk, Russia). Finno-Ugric world in the works by V. A. Gadaev (on an 80th anniversary)

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