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N. A. Agafonova, I. N. Ryabov, G. V. Ryabova. The variation of the objectal conjugation suffixes in the Erzya dialect area

A. V. Kamitova. The semantic content of the Udmurt words osto and kozma in written sources of the late XIX and early XX centuries

I. P. Novak, S. V. Nagurnaya. Linguistic analysis of Karelian language material in P. S. Pallas’s dictionary


A. I. Azhigulova, N. V. Chernysheva, S. N. Uvarov. Dynamics of marital status among the Udmurts in Udmurtia from 1959 to 1989

G. A. Kornishina, A. E. Novoslov. Family and marriage structure of the Mordovian population in a historical context

H. Yu. Ustyantsev. Concepts of the “otherworld” in the texts and practices of Mari culture


J. V. Karakin, T. V. Pashkova. Red color in the linguo- and ethnoculture of the Karelians

S. V. Korobeynikova. Ethno- and sociolinguistic foundations of motivation for learning the Finnish language at Petrozavodsk State University

E. N. Lomshina, E. N. Antipkina, Yu. A. Kondratenko. Russian grant foundations as a tool for promoting projects in culture and arts (with a focus on the Republic of Mordovia)

T. A. Shigurova. Breast decorations of the middle of the XIX century in the Moksha women’s costume of the Insar district: a local version of the villages of Levzha, Perkhlyai, Suzgarye


V. N. Maksimov. Gábor Bereczki – 95

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