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V. P. Grishunina, N. I. Yershova. Functioning of the Russian borrowings in the vocabulary of Moksha subdialects

A. А. Kongoeva. Somat nenä ‘nose’ in Karelian phraseological units

M. V. Kosheleva. Features of the functioning of the I infinitive in the Veps language based on the materials of the Open corpus of Veps and Karelian languages

T. I. Mochalova, A. Yu. Maslova, M. Z. Levina. Craft and trade phraseology in Russian and Moksha subdialects on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia

A. P. Rodionova, T. P. Boyko, N. A. Pellinen. The modern orthography through the prism of the Open corpus of Veps and Karelian languages (on the example of postpositional cases)

E. A. Tsypanov. Komi lexical archaisms in fairy tale “Mikul” by I. A. Kuratov


T. P. Devyatkina, S. S. Panfilova. Religious and magic foundations of divinations in traditional culture of the Mordovians

S. N. Uvarov. Udmurts: assimilation or depopulation? (to the results of the All-Russian population census of 2021)


A. S. Ilikaev. Motives of the world creation from an egg in the myths of Baltic-Finnish peoples, Komi and Mordovians in context of the image of the divine bird: a comparative analysis

L. A. Molchanova. Shamanic microcosm in the symbolism of wedding headdresses in the Udmurt and Russian traditions


M. S. Vykhrystyuk, S. R. Muratova. IX All-Russian symposium “Cultural heritage of the peoples of Western Siberia: Ugrians”

T. A. Dyatlova, E. N. Lomshina. Uniting Finno-Ugrian writers

T. V. Pashkova. Prose folklore of the Karelians of the Kesteng’s territory

N. A. Limkina. Embroidery of Staraya Terizmorga: preserving cultural heritage

L. G. Skvortsova, A. A. Raslova. Viktor I. Fedyunin is an illustrator, graphic artist, painter. To the 75th anniversary of the artist’s birth

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