Contents (2016, 4)

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V. I. Antonova, A. N. Golyakov (Saransk, Russia). Original representation of folklore traditions of the Erzyan people in the novel “Stepan Erzya” by K. G. Abramov

V. A. Ivanov (Moscow, Russia). On two peripheral lexical groups in Western Mari language

N. V. Kondratieva (Izhevsk, Russia). Artistic originality of contemporary Udmurt prose about war (Based on the novel by E. Minnigaraeva “Where are you, son?”)

N. A. Kulakova (Saransk, Russia). Function and features of phrasal semantics in the dialects of the Moksha language

N. M. Mosina, A. S. Migunova (Saransk, Russia). Existential verbs as a means of the expression  locative categories in Erzya and Finnish

Yu. N. Razina (Izhevsk, Russia). Features of the poetry of the Udmurt children’s author G. A. Khodyrev

A. N. Rakin (Syktyvkar, Russia). Genesis of meteorological vocabulary in Komi language

N. A. Rakin (Syktyvkar, Russia). Hungarian literature in the Komi language


V. K. Abramov (Saransk, Russia). Russian General and Marshal of Finland

A. N. Demidov (Samara, Russia). Restoring the rights of the nobility of Mordovian dukes and murzas in the last quarter of XVIII – early XIX century

O. I. Kulagin (Petrozavodsk, Russia). Financial and economic development of enterprises of timber industry in Karelia in the second half of the 1940-es and 1950-es

G. N. Kadykova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Mari peasant family of Vasilsky county of Nizhny Novgorod province in the end of XVIII – first half of XIX century

N. P. Makarkin (Saransk, Russia). Representatives of the Mordovian land in the life of a Russian general and the Finnish Marshal Mannerheim


G. M. Ageeva, E. N. Antipkina, E. N. Sidorkina (Saransk, Russia). Media projects of the Institute of National Culture in the context of the Finno-Ugric media space

A. V. Kaverin (Saransk, Russia), N. A. Kaverina (Moscow, Russia). The impact of globalization on the ethnic and cultural processes of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia

E. M. Kolcheva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). The image of forest as a landscape archetype of the Mari culture in the fine arts in 1950–1980-ies

V. G. Kudryavtsev (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Works of Izmail Yefimov in the context of ethnic iden­tity


S. P. Gudkova (Saransk, Russia). The confession-book of a Mordovian poet

V. V. Rykova, Yu. D. Gorte (Novosibirsk, Russia). Analysis of the documentary flow on culture of Ob Ugrians in “Scientific Sibirica” database

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