N. A. Agafonova (Saransk, Russia). “Mordovia ethnographic collection” by A. A. Shakhmatov as a source to study Erzya dialects

“Mordovia ethnographic collection” by A. A. Shakhmatov as a source to study Erzya dialects

Agafonova Nina A.,
Candidate of Sc. {Philology}, Associate Professor, Department of Mordovian Languages, Ogarev Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russia), ohanina@rambler.ru

It analyzes Shakhmatov’s description of phonetic and morphological features of dialects in villages Suhkoi Karbulak and Orkino in Saratov province in terms of contemporary Mordovian linguistics.

Keywords: dialectology; folklore; speech samples; phonetics; morphology; case system; conjugation of verbs; Finno-Ugric transcription.

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