Contents (2019, 2)


T. P. Ariskina (Saransk, Russia). Compound adjectives in the Erzya language

A. P. Guskova (Moscow, Russia). Color Description in Language and Culture (based on Russian-Hungarian dictionaries)


I. A. Golovnev (St. Petersburg, Russia). Traditional ethnocultural communities in Soviet cinema: «Hunting and reindeer breeding in the Komi region»

F. G. Safin, E. A. Mukhtasarova, A. I. Khaliullina (Ufa, Russia). Ethno-linguistic and ethno-demographic development of Finno-ugric nations in the Ural-Volga region

D. G. Desyaev, I. G. Napalkova (Saransk, Russia). The Republic of Mordovia: historical description of image background

S. A. Minvaleev (Petrozavodsk, Russia). Concepts and rituals of Orthodox originas and their dynamics in funeral and memorial rites of the Ludians

B. I. Chibisov (Tver, Russia). Ethnic structure of the population of the Southern Obonezhye at the end of the XV century


V. I. Antonova, S. A. Rzhanova (Saransk, Russia). Sociocultural landscape of Mordovia in the paradigm of spiritual and moral values of the individual

A. K. Gagieva (Syktyvkar, Russia). Library science in the Komi region in the second half of XIX – early XX Centuries and its impact on public consciousness

A. S. Barmenkov (Saransk, Russia). Characteristics of heat ceramics of Mordovian territory: on the example of the collection of Mordovian republican S. D. Erzia Fine Art Museum


F. M. Lelkhova (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia). Life and works of Sofya V. Onina

A. G. Burnaev (Saransk, Russia), E. V. Levina (Saratov, Russia). Gavotte by Jean-Baptiste Lully on Saransk stage

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