Contents (2019, 4)


N. N. Glukhova (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Leading components of ethnic mentality in Mari verbal charms

N. V. Kondratieva, O. L. Sokolova (Izhevsk, Russia). Dynamic processes in the phonetic system of present-day dialects of Udmurt (on the material of central dialects)

T. A. Soldatkina (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). Metaphorical and metonymic conceptualization in body part idioms in English and Hungarian


T. M. Dadaeva, V. N. Motkin (Saransk, Russia). Historical memory in Finno-Ugric families of Mordpvians and Udmurts (experience in analyzing of family histories)

E. N. Kasarkina, A. A. Antipova (Saransk, Russia). Socio-cultural factors forming marriage motivations of young people (on the example of Saransk)


A. A. Pesetskaya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The Mari wedding robes as a group’s identity marker (based on the materials of the Russian Museum of Ethnography)

A. S. Barmenkov (Saransk, Russia). Technical and technological features of the pottery in Mordovia


V. I. Rogachev (Saransk, Russia). Topography of Saransk: historical and cultural projection. Retrospective and modernity

V. K. Abramov (Saransk, Russia). General Purkayev: life and work

A. N. Zlobin (Saransk, Russia). Do we need bilingualism?

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