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N. I. Gulyaeva. Contact-setting communikemes in the Komi language

N. M. Mosina, O. V. Rubtsova. The scientific and philosophical presentation of the concept “space” and its explication in Erzya-Mordvin and Finnish languages

S. A. Sazhina. Adjectives in the Upper-Kama dialect of the Komi-Permian language


O. V. Koshina. School in the socio-cultural space of the village (on the example of a school in the village of Novye Verkhissy of Insarsky district of the Republic of Mordovia in 1920–1980)

S. A. Minvaleev. Ludians’ harbingers of impending death and their representations of transition to the underworld

I. G. Napalkova, R. V. Manchev. Features of the formation and promotion of the image of the head of the region: on the example of the Republic of Mordovia (1995–2021)


A. A. Antipova, E. N. Kasarkina. The relevance of modern forms of preservation of the socio-cultural heritage of the village: the experience of the museum and cultural center “House of Traditions” (Parakino village, Bolshebereznikovsky district of the Republic of Mordovia)

O. S. Ziyavadinova. Cultural features of the traditional worldview of Komi: mythopoetics in the artistic view of G. A. Yushkov and I. G. Toropov


E. S. Ruskina, E. N. Maskaeva. A touch to the legend: to the anniversary of A. M. Sharonov and the publication of a new edition of “Mastorava”

S. P. Gudkova. A person with an open heart. On the 95th anniversary of the birth of V. M. Zabavina (1927–2018)

V. V. Stavitsky. “And along the Oka river, where it flows into the Volga, Murom’s language; Cheremis own language; Mordovians own language”

T. I. Dronova. Victor Semenov: a word about the teacher

I. L. Sirotina. Mordovian costume: traditions, research, creative endeavour

V. K. Abramov. A presentation of the 7th issue of the Finno-Ugrian martyrologist

A. N. Demidov, G. A. Kornishina, T. G. Minniyakhmetova, R. R. Sadikov. In search of Mordovian Mirza, or From field study notes

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