A. N. Demidov, G. A. Kornishina, T. G. Minniyakhmetova, R. R. Sadikov. In search of Mordovian Mirza, or From field study notes

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In search of Mordovian Mirza, or From field study notes

Alexander N. Demidov –
Candidate Sc.{Philosophy}, Associate Professor,
Department of Philosophy, History and Theory of World Culture,
Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education,
Samara, Russia, demidov@pgsga.ru,

Galina A. Kornishina –
Doctor of History, Professor, Department of Russian History,
National Research Mordovia State University,
Saransk, Russia, g.kornihina@mail.ru,

Tatiana G. Minniyakhmetova –
Ph. D. {Philosophy}, Independent Researcher,
Institute for European Ethnology, University of Innsbruck,
Innsbruck, Austria, minnijah@hotmail.com,

Ranus R. Sadikov –
Doctor of History, Chief Research Fellow,
R. G. Kuzeev Institute for Ethnological Studies,
Ufa Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Ufa, Russia, kissapi@mail.ru,

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