L. A. ABUKAEVA (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia). The concept jylme ‘language’ in the language and ordinary world views of Mari

DOI: 10.15507/2076-2577.010.2018.03.006-012

The concept jylme ‘language’ in the language and ordinary world views of Mari

Liubov A. Abukaeva,
Doctor of Philology, Professor, Department of Mari Language and Literature,
Mari State University
(Yoshkar-Ola, Russia), sylne@mail.ru

The article describes the concept jylme ‘language’ in the Mari language. It considers the ways of representation of the concept in phraseology and in folklore texts, considering that the concept arises as a result of the interaction of national tradition and folklore, religion and ideology, life experience and images in the arts, sensations and values.
The research is based on a dictionary definition of the word jylme, idioms, proverbs, sayings, lyrics, charms, and prayers of the traditional Mari religion. The work employs component and contextual analysis, and descriptive methods.
In the ordinary world view the Marie language has a dual nature (both grief and joy). The texts which specify this concept give a detailed description of the person’s communication skills. In this case, eloquence is not a sign of frankness and openness. In the linguistic consciousness of Mari, idle talk and verbosity receive a negative feedback. Mari speech etiquette calls to watch the words, to exercise restraint in communication (yulmym pidash ‘to bind the language’).
In the naive picture of the world Marie jylma is perceived as a tool of enormous power and has a dual nature. Language issues the nature of man, human nature, thoughts. The concept jylme in the Mari linguistic culture characterizes the communicative qualities of the person and human speech.

Key words: Mari language; language picture of the world; concept.

For citation: Abukaeva LA. The concept jylme ‘language’ in the language and ordinary world views of Mari. Finno-ugorskii mir = Finno-Ugric World. 2018; 3: 6–12. (In Russian)

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