Contents (2018, 2)


T. P. Ariskina (Saransk, Russia). Compound nouns of a coordinative type in the Erzya language

L. P. Vodyasova (Saransk, Russia). Thematic repetition as a way to create semantic integrity of complex syntax whole (based on the works by K. G. Abramov)

N. V. Kondratieva, O. A. Stepanova (Izhevsk, Russia). Formation of the social and political vocabulary in the Udmurt language as a reflection of language construction

N. A. Kulakova, V. F. Rogozhina (Saransk, Russia). Variance of phraseological units in the Moksha and Russian languages (typological analysis)

A. P. Rodionova, S. V. Nagurnaia (Petrozavodsk, Russia). Ludic dialect: problems of creating of the literary norm

I. N. Ryabov, G. V. Ryabova (Saransk, Russia). Using zoomorphisms for the presentation of Emotions (a case study of the Erzya language)

S. A. Sazhina (Syktyvkar, Russia). Demonstrative pronouns in the language of the Kirov Permians


G. A. Kornishina (Saransk, Russia). Ethnic structure and features of ethno-cultural functioning of the Mordovian population in Ulyanovsk region

R. R. Sadikov, R. A. Abdulkhalikov (Ufa, Russia). Orthodoxy of the Mordovians of Bashkiria


O. G. Belomoeva, T. V. Klimkina (Saransk, Russia). Features of development of Russian religious architecture at the turn of the 21st century (as for Russia and Mordovia)

L. B. Boiarkina (Saransk, Russia). On theoretical approaches to the study of areal features of the traditional Mordvian polyphony


V. I. Rogachev, N. I. Shvechkova (Saransk, Russia). Books are rivers nourishing the Universe…

S. P. Gudkova (Saransk, Russia). The nature of the development of contemporary Russian poetry in Mordovia

L. V. Kalachina (Saransk, Russia). Beauty of jewelry by woman’s hands (130th birth anniversary of Alma Pil)

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